Artist Soonik Kwon is growing in the international market by interpreting the unique colors of Korea in a modern way. He has been invited and exhibited by leading countries and National and Municipal Museum of Art, mainly in Latin America, and his current work has been well received at international art fairs such as Singapore Art Stage and Art Paris, and his potential as an artist has been verified on the world stage. Although it is based on Western materials, the material peculiarity of using sand or graphite with paints is realized with oriental colors and textures, showing a unique sensibility that only Korea can express. The experience of the artist, who also worked as a potter, is continuously revealed in the matiere that appears thickly on the surface of the painting, and in the repeated process of raising this matiere again, the artist delves deeply into himself and discovers the absence of Ego of the abyss. The continuous arrangement of circles and geometric shapes in the work are reminiscent of op-art represented by Cruise Dies, and also show the possibility of Korean abstraction. Through his repetitive works of painting and rubbing graphite, the purest works of light and color give the audience an opportunity to experience the world of absence of Ego led by artist Soonik Kwon.

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